• Giuseppe Noce

    Giuseppe Noce

  • Yashashreedrane


  • Ihouse


  • Borwornsom Leerapan

    Borwornsom Leerapan

  • Erin Rae Hoffer

    Erin Rae Hoffer

    Research-#Climate Policy — — —Teaching-#Business/Public Admin Startup-#ConsumerSaaS — — — Writing-#CliFi, #SelfHelp

  • Niraldo Niro Nascimento

    Niraldo Niro Nascimento

    I am professor and consultor on my own. I teach and write about Knowledge Management, System Thinking, Design Thinking, Storytelling and System Dynamics.

  • Maurice Glucksman

    Maurice Glucksman

    Investor and analyst focused on disruption. Former equity analyst and management consultant with Engineering and Management degrees from MIT and U of Michigan

  • Andre N

    Andre N

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