We lost faith in what the Models were telling us and now the Covid 19 surge we feared is happening

A Comparative Analysis of Mumbai & Delhi

By: Brahmani Nutakki, Harshita Magroria, Sukhada Gole

Comparison between the characteristics of Mumbai and Delhi
Comparison between the characteristics of Mumbai and Delhi
Table 1: Comparison between the characteristics of Mumbai and Delhi
The Blue lines are the relatively faster speed of the outbreak in the slums, the Orange lines are the relatively slower outbreak in the non-slum neighbouhoods of L Ward
Total susceptibles in Mumbai and Delhi
Total susceptibles in Mumbai and Delhi
Table 2: Total susceptibles in Mumbai and Delhi
  1. The muddle of averages of slums and non-slums in Delhi is misleading the authorities.
  2. The decline in cases has misled the medical authorities thus it is vital to ensure strict adherence to COVID-19 guidelines.
  3. There are fewer insights about the advent of reinfections, making the study of total susceptibles important in assessing the impact of the virus.
  1. The models of Delhi and Mumbai predict a considerably lower susceptible count in the months of January-February 2021 indicating a higher infection count of the COVID-19 virus.
  2. The total deaths registered might be a deflated count of the actual deaths that have occurred in Delhi and Mumbai.
Comparison between the prominent insights from Delhi and Mumbai
Comparison between the prominent insights from Delhi and Mumbai
Table ³¹⁴: Comparison between the prominent insights from Delhi and Mumbai
  1. Conduct health protocol awareness drives with help of community leaders.
  2. Incentivize adherence to hygiene measures by positive nudge or penalties.
  3. Rigorously record reinfections in the locality.
  4. Use the model to make better estimates of total susceptibles, total infections and deaths.
  5. Large-scale execution of vaccination drive while working to eliminate vaccine hesitancy.
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